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Facebook’s New – News Feed

Facebook | Logo

This is a live blog of the new Facebook News Feed Conference. (The Conference is now over)     Will Be Released Today Online:     Upcoming Events:     Photos:       News:     Friends & …

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A new PS3 but no PS4 yet!!

Sony PS3

On the 28th September Sony released the ‘super slim PS3, the new Ps3 will have a 500GB hard drive and the internal weight and volume will be 25% and 20% less than the current PS3, it is also 50% smaller …

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Apple Special Event Live Blog


iPad Mini – NEW     Pad mini and 4th gen iPad are up for pre order on the 26th. WiFi versions ship on November 2nd. 16GB is the smallest configuration with WiFi, priced at $329. 32GB mini is $429, …

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Facebook hits 1 billion users a month

Facebook Chairs Advert

Facebook recently reached the 1 billion user mark, which consist of the users that use Facebook at least once per month and so are real active users.

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Do Apple need to make a U-turn on maps?

iOS 6 Apple Maps

Apple released iOS 6 which comes pre-installed on the iPhone 5 and is compatible with previous generations of iPhone and iPad. In this update Apple released a new map application, which is designed by Apple from the ground up in association …

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Always wanted to be your own boss?


Richard Reed Co-founder of innocent smoothies has started a new BBC three TV show where he is willing to show the belief and faith required to invest in a new generation of young entrepreneurs. He is willing to

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Your friend added a new photo

Facebook | Logo

Today we received an email from Facebook at 08:38, not unusual right?     But at 10:26 we received another email saying “Your friend added a new photo with you to the album.”. Sounds like he added more photos, but …

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Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

Apple on Friday responded to customer demand for the new iPhone announced at an event earlier this week. According to a statement obtained by The Loop.   “Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,” said Apple spokeswoman, Natalie Kerris. “We’ve …

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